A Personal Introduction

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I’ve been asked by Dr. Brien Seeley to host the blog for the CAFE Foundation, a great honor, and one which I will attempt to serve with the same kind of dedication and intelligence the Foundation board members provide in their service to aviation.  Because these postings will reflect the goals and aspirations of the Foundation, I feel a need to be as objective as possible, and to report on things that have value and benefit to people interested in finding solutions for the matters that concern all of us – aircraft efficiency, new powerplants and fuels, climate change, and possibly even things such as structural concepts and techniques that can contribute to meeting the outcomes we seek.

In return, I ask for constructive criticism and respectful arguments, from all and addressed to all.  We are able to find truth in considerate dialogue, and if one remembers the Socratic method of teaching, perhaps we will all learn something along the way.   I believe that humankind’s collective intelligence has been the source of many great breakthroughs.  Let’s strive to make a few through this collective resource.  Share your best ideas and most cherished dreams.  The future depends on them.

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