Brien Seeley to Speak at AirVenture’s Innovations Pavilion

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Dr. Brien Seeley, founder and head of the CAFE Foundation, presented his vision for the future of small, electric commuter aircraft at the seventh annual Electric Aircraft Symposium held in late April at Santa Rosa, California.  He gave a forceful, detailed picture of why we need to lift some of the traffic from the highways and examined the benefits that society and the environment would accrue from such sweeping changes.

We’ve had part of the technology all along. Lanier Paraplane from 1940s could land and take off readily from Dr. Seeley’s pocket airports.  Now just electrify something like this for clean aerial commuting…

Imagine, for instance, not having to build another highway or on-ramp because existing roads were capable of handling the decreased surface traffic without further expansion.  Think of being able to hop over traffic on a 50-to-400 mile excursion – something not handled well at all by current surface or aerial alternatives.  Think of a “pocket” airport that took up only a few acres of land, and that could be sited safely within walking distance of your home.   Finally, imagine this costing no more than current, ground-bound options.  That is the vision Dr. Seeley presented at EAS VII, and has been invited to present at the Innovations Pavilion during AirVenture 2013 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Running from Monday, July 29 through Sunday, July 4 this year, AirVenture draws nearly 2,500 showplanes, over 500,000 visitors, and the latest in aeronautical innovations.  These will be on display at the 280 by 80 foot exhibition gallery on the airshow’s main entrance.  As promised by Innovations organizers, you will be able to, “Explore the current state of aviation technology and development, see the concepts that inspire aviation and that will soon become reality, and imagine the future by visualizing yourself in this new world when you take a step into the future at the Innovations Pavilion!”

Opportunities are available for exhibitors and sponsors.  Speakers will present on topics that cover the gamut of green aviation:

Monday, July 29: Green Technology, Alternative Fuels and Propulsion

Tuesday, July 30: Start-up Aviation Day

Wednesday, July 31: How Innovation Happens: Organizing to Enable Innovation

Thursday, August 1: Space Odyssey 2013: Space Commercialization and Exploration

Friday, August 2: Tomorrow is Today: Technological Advancements

AeroInnovate, part of the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh Business Success Center, helps organize the Innovation Pavilion.  As noted on their web site, “AeroInnovate helps aeroinnovators from across the globe who are starting and growing aero-related businesses and bringing related new technologies to the marketplace. Our goal is to facilitate the alignment of passionate, successful “investors” and industry leaders with the best aviation-related opportunities in the world to help get deals done. In this way exciting new aircraft and aviation products and services will be commercialized and new opportunities created in aviation.”

You will have an opportunity to hear not only Dr. Seeley in this setting, but many others who will share exciting visions of the future for environmentally-responsible aircraft.


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