Friedrichshafen Becomes Elektra

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Dr. Birgit Weißenbach, who heads up marketing for PC-Aero, the German firm that produces light electric and solar-powered aircraft, sends two pictures from the company’s display at Aero Expo, now taking place in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Elektra One Solar shows more span, solar cells than Elektra One. Photo: PC-Aero/Neowings

The display is overflown by a 1/5-scale model of Elektra Two, their anticipated two-seat electric airplane with solar cells, a design intended for travel, training and flying clubs. Another model, the Elektra Observer LT, represents their unmanned “Very Light Electric Aircraft” with solar cells to allow long-duration civil surveillance.

Elektra Observer LT civilly surveys people carriers below. Photo courtesy PC-Aero/Neowings

On the floor, Elektra One has its full complement of Solar World solar cells, which supplement its battery power.  Elektra One Solar has longer wings and a larger solar cell area, both extending its range.  Both use the Flytec HP-13.5 motor and controller, associated battery pack, and claim up to three hours endurance and 400 kilometers (250 miles) range.

Dipl. Ing. Calin Gologan, founder and President of PC-Aero, will hold a press conference April 18 and this blog will report on revelations of interest.

April 20 Update

Dr. Weißenbach informs the blog that the short-winged (8.7 meters – 28.5 feet) original version of Elektra One can travel 250 miles on a single charge, thanks to solar augmentation.  The long-winged (11 meters – 36 feet) Elektra One Solar can manage 600 miles on a charge, well exceeding most light aircraft.

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