Hear the Hum? Kitplanes Does.

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Kitplanes has an article of great interest to CAFE followers in its November issue. Dr. David Ullman, Oregon State University professor emeritus of Mechanical Engineering Design, was inspired by his attendance at the Third Annual Electric Aircraft Symposium in April to write a two-part article (the finale’ to be in the December issue) about the exciting future of electric flight. The first part, “Hear the Hum?” provides an overview of what’s currently happening in electric aircraft, and includes a one-page pictorial sidbar of volt-driven flying machines at Oshkosh this year by Dave Martin. In a nod to the CAFE Foundation, it includes a concise explanation of the Aviation Green Prize.  Ullman and Martin share the belief that we will be flying commercially-produced electric airplanes soon.

Dr. Ullman is the author of The Mechanical Design Process, a standard text at many universities, and Making Robust Decicisons, Decision Management for Technical, Business, and Service Teams, and hosts Making Robust Decisions, a Blog for Decision Makers.  He was assisted in the article by Otmar Ebenhoech, a speaker at the 2009 Symposium who shared some of his accomplishments in racing with his Zilla motor controllers, which are on the fastest electric dragsters in the world.

Next month’s Kitplanes article will focus on the technical aspects of powering an electric plane, with simple math that allows anyone to see the possibilities.

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