Motoczysz Wins the Isle of Man TT – Again

Dean Sigler Electric Powerplants 1 Comment reports this morning that Motoczysz (roughly, “moto-sizz”), won the Isle of Man electric Tourist Trophy race at an average speed just short of the fabled “ton,” or 100 miles per hour.  Although 28 percent shy of the best internal combustion machine’s time, Gizmag urges looking at it from the perspective that it’s been 54 years since a petrol-powered motorcycle achieved that speed.

Mike Hanlon, reporting for Gizmag, notes that the bike’s 99.513 mph average demonstrates, “yet another quantum leap in electric bike performance from last year’s 96.820 mph average and the 2009 winning average of 87.434 mph.”  This had to be a bit frustrating for the winning rider, since the 100 mph average would have netted him an additional prize of 10,000 pounds sterling (about $16,000).

Rider Michael Rutter and teammate Mark Miller finished 1-2 on the Portland, Oregon manufactured bikes, and one managed a 149.5 mph run through the speed traps, showing the enormous speed these bikes can achieve.

2011 Motoczyzs winning the Isle of Man TT

Motoczyzs listed the improvements for the 2011 racing bike over last year’s entry:

50mm shorter wheelbase for quicker steering

better/ideal weight distribution

more rear wheel torque (up nearly 30% over 2010)

60% improvement in horsepower (nearly 200hp)

improved/extended torque curve (redline over 10,000rpm)

more energy on board (amount undisclosed)

reduced overall weight by over 25lbs  (under 500lbs)

improved aerodynamics

significantly overall higher efficiency (near 20% at 100 mph)

In a related story and from the opposite end of the performance spectrum, Segway announced on May 20 that it has become a title sponsor for the Motoczysz team, “with the unified goal of elevating electric motorsports and personal transportation.”

The press release goes on, “Segway recognized MotoCzysz as the frontrunner in electric motorsports with industry leading technology and is excited to be partnering with them as title sponsor for the 2011 race season. This combination results in a world class team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers whose years of experience and knowledge will lead both companies to successes not only at the track but also with new vehicles in the marketplace.

“In 2010, the MotoCzysz E1pc set the bar for electric motorcycle racing by winning the two most important international electric motorcycle races and setting records along the way. The all-new 2011 MotoCzysz E1pc will further advance electric vehicle technology and performance by increasing onboard energy, nearly doubling the horsepower while reducing the vehicle’s overall weight.”

Another partnership emerge June 1.  Dow Kokam announced a “strategic alliance” with Motoczysz, their press release explaining the advantages for both entities.

Dow Kokam, a leading large-format battery systems producer, announces a new strategic relationship with MotoCzysz, a design and engineering firm working exclusively on electric motors, as official supplier of Dow Kokam advanced lithium polymer batteries to power the MotoCzysz factory racing motorcycles for 2011. Additionally, MotoCzysz will build battery systems based on Dow Kokam lithium polymer battery technology for the motorsports market.

“In 2010, the MotoCzysz E1pc motorcycle, powered by Dow Kokam’s advanced battery technology, won and broke records in both international and U.S. races. The bike that Popular Science called ‘the most advanced electric motorcycle in the world’, has been completely redesigned for 2011, with a focus on higher energy density and improved interconnects between cells in the battery system.

“’Dow Kokam’s advanced lithium polymer battery cells are best-in-class and capable of producing race winning performance. By working closely with the Dow Kokam team, we were able to achieve our racing goals for 2010, and are excited by the technical advances we have made with Dow Kokam for 2011. These advancements will eventually be available to other motorsports teams and will help deliver that same advantaged performance to passenger vehicle electrification as well,’ said Michael Czysz, MotoCzysz CEO & Founder.”

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  1. “Motoczysz ” is pronounced moto-sizz not moto-cheese.

    (Editor’s note: Thank you for the correction. I heard a TV commentator pronounce it “cheeze” and lazily added it to my lexicon.)

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