If Santa Lived in a Soho Loft and Built Drones

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There is much happening in electric aviation, including this flying Santa Claus, dangling from what is claimed to be the world’s largest homemade drone.

And in this interesting behind-the-scenes video we find that Casey Neitstat either has arms of steel, or a clever harness maker who probably outfits touring companies for Peter Pan stage presentations.  The 16-motor system seems capable of hauling a fairly large human skyward, but some critics think this is a sham of some sort.  Your editor sides with the theory that this is a real drone, since Samsung has seen fit to link its name to the project (and the video evidence seems fairly convincing).  In the interests of full disclosure, though, Casey has pulled some fakery in previous stunts, so take this all with several grains of salt, just in case.

If this isn’t enough Casey and Santa-dragging drones for you, try on the VR headset you got for Christmas and indulge in the full 360-degree treatment.

The guy who made these videos and commissioned the drone made $25 million on one app sale to CNN, so has money to burn.  But he does so with great vigor, and at times great humanity.  See his Youtube site for examples of his frenetic lifestyle and signs of a strong relationship with something approaching social justice.

Casey claims to have given up Vlogging (video logging), but his web site lists four ways to access the fruits of his ever-excited imagination: two Youtube channels, Facebook, Twitter, Beme (the app he sold to CNN), and Instagram.  Like Santa, he is everywhere.

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