Seventh Annual Electric Aircraft Symposium Unveils New Technology

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This year’s CAFE Foundation Electric Aircraft Symposium in Santa Rosa, California had surprises from several sources, including new aircraft, batteries, and materials that will help make the future a good place to be.  Some technologies are maturing and some are about to spring forth in ways we won’t see coming.

We’ll be looking at each presentation in detail in future postings, but know for certain that the electric aircraft movement is turning a corner as things become integrated in an ever-quicker progression.  We will see significant announcements in the next few months.

Your editor holding forth at EAS VII on building villages around pocket airports that Drs. Mark Moore and Brien Seeley envision as the future of short-range and intermediate commuting. The slide got a laugh, but the concept is integral to providing services that will keep commuters coming back.

The Symposium included not only technology, but seriously looked at how neighborhoods and society in general can integrate these new technologies in a more responsible way than the current helter-skelter world which pulls us away from family and community.  What point is there in having magical things and messy lives?

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  1. Dean Sigler’s presentation on the integration of pocket airports into communities, as livable sustainable villages, was a real highlight of the CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium. Innovative thinking that drew from nearly every area of daily life and helped them all fit together. Bravo!

  2. with STOVL you can fly out of and into your own pocket, but that capability is beyond reach for now; but stand by, electric powered Vflight is coming. I can feel it in the air. Dr. Seeley’ thank you and all those associated with EAS. Good job.

    wanted to be with ya’ll but i am just now getting settled in fort davis, texas. near marfa, texas. best soaring in the nation.

    happy landings…………..dusty

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