Solar Impulse Pilot Andre’ Borschberg to Speak at SAS 2017

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One of two pilots who guided Solar Impulse around the world will speak at the 2017 Sustainable Aviation Symposium.  Andre’ Borschberg, having accomplished along with Bertrand Piccard an extraordinary voyage, uses his reputation and celebrity to educate the world that the “Future is Clean,” a watchword for the team’s ongoing efforts.

Last November, for instance, Bertrand Piccard “launched the World Alliance for Clean Technologies under the umbrella of the Solar Impulse Foundation – a second phase in the realization of his vision that clean technologies can accomplish impossible goals and solve many of the challenges facing our society today.”

In the meantime, Andre’ uses his engineering talents and perspective to bringing about practical outcomes derived from his and Bertrand’s experiences.  Because the airplane derived all its energy from the sun, and because every aspect of its technology had to be of the highest efficiency, he can guide others in adopting these findings into their solutions.

The Solar Impulse blog takes the perspective of near-term reflection.  “But the fact is that 13 years ago electric power was perceived as anecdotal for airplanes, whereas today it is a game-changer for the aircraft industry due to its extraordinary potential in terms of energy efficiency, but also flexibility, reactivity and noise reduction.”

With forward-thinking companies looking for inspiration and guidance for their plans, the World Alliance and its “1,000 tangible and profitable solutions to help governments and institutions around the world meet their environmental and health targets,” will be able to offer help based on the practical realities manifested in Solar Impulse’s flight.

The Solar Impulse web site asks “What’s Next?” and encourages us to “Take it Further.”  The audience at the 2017 Sustainable Aviation Symposium will hear a man who will carry us along on the wings of his courage, intellect and demonstrated skills.  Let’s see how far we can go together.

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