Solar Impulse Rollout and All Motors Running

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November 6, 2009, Solar Impulse left its hangar and Markus Scherdel, the project’s test pilot, ran all four motors on the giant craft.  This marks the beginning of ground testing for HB-SIA.  “With its engines running at full power, it gave the impression of wanting to get off the ground straightaway …but it won’t be long now before we release the brakes and let it roll its first few meters,” said André Borschberg, co- founder of Solar Impulse.  The four motors achieved full power at 400 rpm.

Bertrand Picard, the originator of the project, was equally enthusiastic. “For the whole team, the impression of seeing it completely assembled, majestically reigning over the Dübendorf tarmac was very intense!  We just can’t wait to see it fly, culminating 6 years of work.”  Testing will now continue, with taxiing trials, followed by increasingly quick runs down the Dubendorf airfield runway until initial “crow hops” are accomplished.  This Swiss-based project results from a huge investment in an inspirational quest to fly around the world on solar power.

Solar Impulse HB-SIA Prepared for First Motor Runs

Solar Impulse HB-SIA Prepared for First Motor Runs


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