Soullier’s Record – And One You Might Set

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At least one of the records Jean-Luc Soullier had hoped for came true during Aero 2011 at Friedrichshafen in early April.  Officially validating the speed record, the Federation Aeronautique Internationale has yet to recognize the altitude record achieved during the same flight.

Soullier’s MC-30 Luciole (Firefly) had a royal Sponsor, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco observing while Jean-Luc flew a 15/25 kilometer (9.3/15.5 miles) straight-line course out and return at 135 kilometers per hour (83.7 mph), winning the RAL1E subclass speed record for microlights.

Several subclasses exist for one and two-seat electric microlights – few of which have recognized records, and thereby becoming an opportunity for early adapters of battery-powered, fuel cell or hybrid flight.  These “empty” subclasses are a golden opportunity for those willing to provide the extra care and precision needed to ensure success.

Besides Jean-Luc’s record, only eight other records exist in all electric microlight subclasses, leaving speed, altitude, and distance achievements waiting to be fulfilled.  In this category, aircraft and equipment are relatively inexpensive and becoming more available.  Be the first on your block….

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