Summer Flights for Electraflyer X

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According to, Randall Fisher of Electraflyer had his two-seat Electraflyer X on view all week at Sun ‘n Fun in the Greenspace display area, devoted to environmental consciousness and green products.  Fishman flew the single-seat Electraflyer C – a modified Moni ultralight – daily, and a team member flew the company’s electric trike regularly.  Most exciting, Fishman is projecting motor testing and test flights of the X this summer, with series production of a kit version to follow, and release of a light sport aircraft, factory-built version as soon as permission can be granted by the FAA.  From earlier discussions with Fishman, this airplane should be competitive in performance and cost with the Yuneec E-430.

Electraflyer X awaiting its first flights

As icing on the cake, Fishman displayed a small, half-coffee-can size motor, reputed to put out 20 horsepower. This motor can be paired or tripled in an in-line configuration to generate 40 or 60 horsepower, a select-a-size boon to potential electric aircraft designers.

Fishman holds to his view that sport flying (not serious cross-country trips yet) can be accomplished with the batteries we now have. The average sport pilot, in his view, rarely flies for over an hour or two, perfectly within existing battery capabilities. As batteries continue to evolve, aircraft performance will broaden to match the new capacities.’s podcast of Mary Grady’s interview with Fishman provides additional details, including the announcement of a twin-motored ultralight single seater. Prospects for future electric aircraft continue to brighten.

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  1. Let me know when you have the Electraflyer-X FAA Certified, and available for sale. I’m in Palm Beach, Florida, where conditions are perfect for electric glider flying, Good luck on the certification.

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