Eurosport Exploring New Configurations

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Unhappily, we missed seeing Tom Leite at this year’s Electric Aircraft Symposium. Happily, he was at Eurosport Aircraft, his company in Portugal, working on innovative new approaches to making electric and hybrid motor-gliding a reality. He also has a speedster that would give those who desire rapid transit a high-style alternative. As shown in the video from Aero Friedrichshafen, the Crossover will probably trend toward a simpler wing configuration, with a fixed span of 18 meters (59 feet) and flaperons that will replace the multiple flaps on the current short-span version being flown in test flights. It’s uncertain whether the current twin-motors that pop out of the sides of the extremely slender fuselage will be retained, but a new version of the Crossover will feature three power options. As shown at Aero 2014, the airplane has the two options outlined on opposite sides of the fuselage – the port side displaying the Rotax-powered version, with a carbon-fiber shaft transmitting power …

EAS VIII – A Day and a Half You’ll Never Forget

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Who would pass up a chance to stay at a nice resort, attend lectures that challenge and inspire, and meet at poolside with speakers who bring some of the sharpest minds in the world to bear on some of the biggest problems we all face?  Let’s face it.  Global warming probably won’t be going away anytime soon, and aviation seems destined to play a bigger part in polluting our otherwise near-perfect atmosphere. Unless…we learn how to make our favorite activity (in the top five for most of us, anyway), into a more responsible way to travel and recreate.  Since solving the problems which go with that responsibility will involve the best in aerodynamics, power systems and new, efficient technology, the CAFE Foundation has invited experts in these fields with demonstrated successes in meeting such challenges. To be held April 25 and 26, 2014 at the Flamingo Resort in Santa Rosa, California, the event will host speakers on everything from practical, …

Eurosport Crossover First Flights

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Tom Leite of Portugal’s Eurosport Aircraft shares this first test flight video for his firm’s Crossover, a Light Sport Aircraft that can extend its wings to become a sailplane, or bring them in to become a cruiser.  Its twin motors can be tucked into the sides of the aircraft, its retractable gear allows further slimming, and its multiply-slatted Fowler-type flaps allow quick takeoffs and slow landings.  This type of advanced thinking is complimented by the craft’s electric power – perhaps a sign of things to come in the light aircraft arena. From its Facebook following, the Crossover seems to attract crowds wherever it goes.  

Eurosport Crossover Sports Many Tricks

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We’re used to seeing motorgliders which pop an engine or motor up on a tall stalk behind the cockpit, then retract it into the slim tailboom for minimum drag.  Why not do the same with two electric motors on each side of the airplane, tucking them in a slender fuselage for soaring? Emails with Eurosport’s Tom Leite and perusal of the Portuguese firm’s web site and on-line brochure verified that almost everything on the Crossover motorglider is electric and retractable. Tom notes, for instance, “Our motor/props fold into the fuselage: [they are] 3-phase PMSM motors up to 40Kw at takeoff each.”  In the video, see the long, spar web-like structure with lightening holes that separates the two motors as they slide into and out of the fuselage. “Our wing span is set from 9.6 to 15 meters and is electrically operated.”  Tom refers to the special version that will have extendable and retractable wings, with tip segments sliding out from …