Yuneec Returns to America as Greenwing

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Under the direction of CEO Tian Yu, Yuneec International is back in the U. S. as Greenwing International, selling the single-seat e-Spyder and two-seat e430, as well as a range of motors, controllers, and battery packs. Based at Cable Airport near Los Angeles, California, the group has been assembling and testing the first of the Flightstar-based e-Spyders and will have several on hand at AirVenture 2013 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin next week.

The group recently had an illustrious name as test pilot.

Erik Lindbergh shares his thoughts about his first flight in an electric airplane. “After five years working to accelerate the development of the electric aircraft industry I have finally realized my dream to fly an electric aircraft, thanks to Tian Yu and his Yuneec e-Spyder.”

Modestly claiming video editing and ultralight aircraft skills still in their infancy, Lindbergh explains, “Take off was supposed to be just a crow hop on the runway, but I didn’t feel comfortable putting it back down (2 to 3 watts was too high a power setting – it just didn’t want to land while in ground effect) so I went around the patch to get comfortable with the controls. I edited in two shots of Chris LeFave (green flight suit) so viewers could get a sight picture of the approach from the GoPro mounted on the strut. Crotch view from cockpit: this scene was when I decided I was going around and I shook my head, then looked over and told the guys on the taxiway I was going around. It is so quiet, I was hoping they heard me but my first priority was to land safely, so I was concentrating on whatever that took. Then my landing – Again I had too high a power setting but when I finally had it where I wanted it I pulled power and it landed nicely! It really was easy and smooth. I had been briefed to carry a little power and not try to make it fly without airspeed, so I erred on the side of speed. It was intense, and my heart was beating pretty hard (my first solo without having had instruction in a two-seater first) – hence the head shake at the end…”

Lindbergh’s cousin Rich supplied keyboard sounds with his band Galactic, a New Orleans ensemble.

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