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Sustainable Skies is your source for news on the world of electric aviation.

Sustainable Skies is an online publication dedicated to surveying the forefront of the electric aircraft movement and its many exciting technology sectors. Our mission is to objectively cover a broad array of developments from academia, government, amateur and commercial programs in support of converging technologies and communities towards a bright future for sustainable, electric aviation.

Editor-in-Chief Dean Sigler has been covering this space for several years and now brings his insights to this new platform, sponsored by the Sustainable Aviation Foundation.  Under Dean’s stewardship this publication will take the approach of translating complex subject matter into relevant and understandable summaries for a wide audience.

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  1. Thanx for your site-I stumbled on it doing battery tracking.
    The Fuel cell section(s)- Just Hydrogen?
    The solar flying flea(Solar -Algae Hybrid) for instance-with the diesel powered gen.
    Even if the motor were direct coupled to the prop, [it] seems to me a fuel cell might be a better choice.
    But perhaps not the hydrogen fueled ones.
    Back in the 1990’s a company developed a methanol fuel cell that required no reformer and didn’t form formaldehyde as an exhaust product . I was quite taken with the membrane design and construction as I had envisioned just such exchange electrodes 30 years earlier. And could do nothing in actually building them.
    The company was -Manhattan Scientific. The best they could come up with for a use for it was stinking cell phones.

    (Editor’s Note: The solar – algae hybrid Todd refers to is the Eraole, an ambitious attempt to cross the Atlantic on solar and bio-diesel fuel made from algae. http://sustainableskies.org/a-solar-algae-hybrid-for-an-atlantic-crossing/)

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