Small, Light, and Powerful Paramotor

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MHP-Profi of Austria has developed a lightweight, 20.1 kg (44.22 pounds) paramotor package that puts out 10 kW (13.4 hp), 50kg (110 pounds) of thrust, and allows 17-25 minutes of power. 

Videos show the designer climbing the paramotor smartly, and zipping up and down hills on a bicycle in the beautiful Austrian countryside with the power pack strapped to his back.  Most interesting are the two outrunner motors on stalks that can be arranged either vertically or horizontally.  Each motor has its controller close by, a good design strategy, and swings a large wood propeller readily.  The lithium polymer battery pack, at 9.5 kg (20.9 pounds), offers 30 Amp hours’ capacity.  Batteries can be recharged in two hours, or with an additional charger in one hour.  Speed control is infinitely adjustable, with battery “levels” indicated on the display on the pilot’s hand control. 

Light weight and clean configuration mark the MHP-Profi.

Light weight and clean configuration mark the MHP-Profi.

 The power pack and sail combination can accommodate pilots from 60 kg (132 pounds) to 85 kg (187 pounds).  The system comes in two configurations; X – with motors horizontally opposed, and S – with vertically opposed, slightly staggered motors. 

The prototype was recently for sale on the European eBay at 3,995 Euros (about $5,850.00).


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  1. You can get these products direct in Australia from They have an online store as well.

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