In my dreams I fly like a bird… Martin Wezel 1964 – 2011

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It takes intelligence, courage and a special spark to design, build, and test fly an airplane.  It becomes a deep loss for all in the aviation community when that spark is extinguished.  We are saddened to learn of the death of Martin Wezel in the crash of a Yuneec E1000 he was scheduled to fly in the Green Flight Challenge.  Wezel was designer and distributor of aircraft such as the Viva, a high-performance motorglider that had brought him to the attention of Tian Yu, Chairman of Yuneec International.

Yu reflected on the loss of Martin in a company announcement.

In Germany, his wife Petra lamented the loss of her “dear man and best friend,” and vowed to continue operating the company to which he had given his dreams of flight.

The CAFE Foundation joins in mourning the passing of a dedicated and brilliant leader.

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