Paint Me – Win 1,000 Euros

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Tine Tomazic sends the following invitation.

Pipistrel has published a unique design contest for Design of Livery for the Panthera, our brand new aeroplane to be presented in 2012. Anybody can  participate! Prize is 1000 EUR ($1,350) and author’s signature on the aeroplane itself!

The recognition may well be worth more than the prize money for the budding artist.  The airplane will be featured at major airshows worldwide and in masses of mass media.  All an aspiring illustrator has to do is capture the spirit of the sleek craft and create a livery “which will enhance Pantera’s unique lines and characteristics.”

Connect with Pipistrel’s Facebook page to get all the particulars.  There, you’ll learn about the luxury, sportiness, speed, efficiency/environmental friendliness and safety of Pantera, and doubtless be inspired to get out the magic markers.

Here are some inspirational warmups.

Pantera, whether in avgas, hybrid, or electric form, has highly polished lines



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