Paramotors Get Own Web Site – And It Speaks French

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Anne Lavrand of Electravia in Sisteron, France has announced a new web site, dedicated to her company’s electric powered paragliders (PPG). Initially, the new web site will promote Electravia’s e-Spider Mono ultralight powered parachute, a 23 kilogram (50.6 pounds) package with:

e-Spider Mono, showing its lightweight hexagonal cage

• A 17 horsepower electric motor and controller, an e-Screen, three-inch LED display showing motor and battery status.
• an e-Props 1.6 meter (5.25 feet) propeller in Electravia’s unique QD2 arrangement, which offsets blade angles to generate more thrust and less noise.
• a Kokam lithium-polymer battery pack (1.55 kWh), with battery management system (BMS) and protection circuit module (PCM).
• a charger for lithium-polymer batteries.
• a 1.6 meter diameter aluminum hexagonal cage, weighing only 4 kilograms (8.8 pounds).

With a flight duration of 35 minutes, the Mono is a good choice for PPG schools, according to Ms. Lavrand. It allows short flights for students, is quiet, simple for novices to start, and relatively inexpensive for flight schools to own and maintain.

Batteries can be recharged completely in 45 minutes, making uninterrupted useage a possibility with few a spare packs on hand. The complete e-Spider Mono package is 10,269 euros ($13,450) and the battery packs at 2,812 euros each ($3685) – “Not so expensive if the paramotor is flying a lot,” says Ms. Lavrand.

e-Spider Mono with unique hexagonal cage and QD-2 offset propeller

The shop is currently building two of these PPGs to order, showing the rapid acceptance of the new machine.

The new web site will also feature the many other PPGs, including the e-Spider two-place tandem PPG.

For those who don’t want to use their legs as landing gears, Electravia has also created three different types of trikes, the single-seat and two-seat Kermelecs, and the two-seat e-Fenix, used to give tourists rides at a popular vacation area.

Anne Lavrand’s Electravia organization has crafted many types of aircraft and integrated a variety of electric power systems into their airframes.  Her continuing industry and creativity have led to several world record performances and gained her a prominent place in electric aviation.  She continues to find new ways to promote green aviation – and to amaze.

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