Craftsmanship and Courage

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Last February, the blog reported on the low-cost Flying Flea formula, four-motored ultralight that Nedo Lavorini built and flew.  Unknown to your editor at that time, YouTube has videos of the construction of what turns out to be at least three fuselages.  That answers the question of why the aircraft flew with at least two landing gear configurations.

Parental and Spousal Warning: You may want to view the video privately before allowing your children (or wife) to see the following.  There is a bit of eye candy in Nedo’s workshop, and even the cameraman seems to be distracted momentarily.

The flying video gives a new meaning to the term “tree hugger.”  The Pulce Elletricca seems not to have a great rate of climb with its four 2 kilowatt Chinese model airplane motors doing their best to lift the 330-pound all-up-weight flea.  It’s a heroic effort for the pilot, and the under $5,500 total cost for the nicely crafted machine is certainly admirable.  It shows what a skilled craftsman with a sheet metal shear and bending brake can accomplish.

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  1. Love it ! and to think that full size electric flight is still only the tip of the iceberg.

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