Eurosport Crossover First Flights

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Tom Leite of Portugal’s Eurosport Aircraft shares this first test flight video for his firm’s Crossover, a Light Sport Aircraft that can extend its wings to become a sailplane, or bring them in to become a cruiser.  Its twin motors can be tucked into the sides of the aircraft, its retractable gear allows further slimming, and its multiply-slatted Fowler-type flaps allow quick takeoffs and slow landings.  This type of advanced thinking is complimented by the craft’s electric power – perhaps a sign of things to come in the light aircraft arena. From its Facebook following, the Crossover seems to attract crowds wherever it goes.  

EMG-5 Electric Motorglider

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This isn’t Brian Carpenter’s first time at the small airplane rodeo.  He’s built at least a dozen aircraft, designed several from scratch, and even entertained the hosts of TV’s Mythbusters series with a series of rides in his team’s ultralights. His latest creation at Tangent Aircraft is a sleek Part 103 ultralight that seems to break or bend the rules on several fronts, presenting a twin-pivoting-motored, Fowler-flapped, retractable-gear craft that would seem to be too complex to fall into legal 103 status – or even into something the average novice private pilot would be allowed to fly.  The 36-foot span and 105-square-foot wing would seem too fast to meet stall limits. Carpenter explained his design philosophy to your editor a few days ago, and he said the greatest challenge of meeting part 103 regulations was attaining the stall speed requirement with the small wing area.  Normal, unflapped ultralights need about 140 square feet to meet the 27.6 mph stall speed.  …