The Sustainable Aviation Symposium – A Wealth of Knowledge

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Coming May 6th and 7th, the first-ever Sustainable Aviation Symposium will take place at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay Hotel. This year’s presenters include an international array of accomplished talent in aerodynamics, power, and energy storage, with a few surprises on tap.  Keynote speakers include:

  • NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell
  • PADA Trophy winner and Pipistrel Designer Dr. Tine Tomazic
  • Dr. Joseph Kallo of the DLR (Germany’s NASA)
  • Lehigh University’s Dr. Justin Jaworski
  • Pelican Aero Group’s Philip Barnes

  • NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell
  • Dr. Ben Santer
  • Eric Raymond
  • Dr.Dr. Tine Tomažič
  • Dr. Joseph Kallo

Additional presentations include Nobel Prize winner Dr. Benjamin Santer of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; Eric Raymond, the highest time solar pilot in the world (his latest 6-seat solar aircraft pictured above); Dr. Yi Cui of Stanford University with the latest in battery technology, Dr. Daniel P. Raymer on Inspirations from the Vought 173 and PADA Trophy winner Boris Popov, whose ballistic parachutes have saved hundreds of lives.  Another dozen, including NASA battery expert Dr. Eric Darcy and Siemens e-Aircraft head Dr. Frank Anton, are expected to fill out the outstanding faculty.  Dr. Brien Seeley, who will chair this year’s event, advises that attendees can look forward to a day and a half of profound revelations about the state of electric aircraft.

Sofitel San Francisco Bay, this year's site for the Sustainable Aviation Symposium

Sofitel San Francisco Bay, this year’s site for the Sustainable Aviation Symposium

Conveniently located between San Francisco International Airport and San Jose International, the The Sofitel San Francisco Bay Hotel provides European-style accommodations and beautiful conference rooms. The hotel is right around the corner from the Hiller Aviation Museum, a mainstay of Bay Area aviation history and home to exhibits featuring work by many of the Symposium’s speakers.  Following the meeting attendees will be able to enjoy a full weekend of activities in the Bay Area.

Be sure to register before February 19 to take advantage of special registration rates and ensure participation in this important electric aviation event.

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